Which should I read first?

You don’t need to read the Windmill Pete books in their numbered order.  Although the events recounted follow in sequence, each book can stand alone as its own interesting story.  The earlier books may appeal to younger children, and the later-numbered ones to children as they grow older.

Parents or grandparents might begin by reading aloud Lost in the Woods #1 to get children interested in the characters and their adventures.  As you go, you might have the children read some of the pages out loud to you to determine how much they are understanding.  Then take them to The Mysterious Stranger #2.  They’ll enjoy the progression of the story.

If you have a boy or girl who is ten or twelve years old, buy one of the later books for them to start on, Nine Lives #3, Six and Zero #4 or Meet Windmill Pete #5.

If a young person is in Middle School or Junior High, give him or her Free Fall Down Federal Hill #8 or Cut from the Team #6.

Ball Hogs, the 7th book in the Windmill Pete series is to be published in May 2023.