Windmill Pete Book Series

The Windmill Pete Series is a series of sports and adventure books for boys ages 7-14. Each book builds on the previous one and presents truth and goodness in ways that capture a child’s heart.

Book 3:

Nine Lives


Six and Zero

Book 4:

Siz and Zero


Meet Windmill Pete

Book 5:

Meet Windmill Pete


Free Fall

Book 8:

Free Fall Down Federal Hill


Bob Hemphill


Meet Bob Hemphill
Get to know the author of the Windmill Pete Series


New in 2023: Ball Hogs

The newest published book in the Windmill Pete Series is #7 Ball Hogs. Chip makes the eighth-grade team along with most of the rest of the gang. The season looks promising, but wait! What has happened to the best players? Have they gone crazy? Although Windmill is injured, maybe he can help Piggy and Chip find a solution.