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New in 2023: Ball Hogs

The newest published book in the Windmill Pete Series is #7 Ball Hogs. Chip makes the eighth-grade team along with most of the rest of the gang. The season looks promising, but wait! What has happened to the best players? Have they gone crazy? Although Windmill is injured, maybe he can help Piggy and Chip...

Selma cemetery

Finding inspiration … in a cemetery

Take a look at the article on this cemetery in Selma Alabama and you will learn where Bob got his ideas for the cemetery in Windmill Pete’s town: Live Oak Cemetery at Selma (one of only a few cemeteries in the South listed on the NRHP) – RuralSWAlabama If you look at the location of...

AM91 Radio

Listen to radio interview with the Author

Thursday, May 27, 2021 Author Bob Hemphill was interviewed on KPOF Radio, Denver to tell about his Windmill Pete book series. Bob told AM91 The Point of Faith listeners why he writes books aimed at boys ages 7 to 14. He explained how he draws a lot from growing up in a small Pennsylvania city...


Which should I read first?

You don’t need to read the Windmill Pete books in their numbered order.  Although the events recounted follow in sequence, each book can stand alone as its own interesting story.  The earlier books may appeal to younger children, and the later-numbered ones to children as they grow older. Parents or grandparents might begin by reading...


New in 2021: The Mysterious Stranger

The newest published book in the Windmill Pete Series is The Mysterious Stranger. This book introduces the whole gang and tells about them setting up their clubhouse rules.  In the midst of that process, the gang sees a mysterious stranger, an older man who is watching them.  The man leads them to a haunted-looking house,...


The Mysterious Stranger & Book Signing

After publishing six of the first eight books in the Windmill Pete series, author Bob Hemphill has gone back to finish book #2, The Mysterious Stranger. It is due for printing at Morris Publishers late summer or early fall 2018. You can pre-order it now by filling out the order form and sending it to...


Lost in the Woods available

In June 2016, Lost in the Woods came off the press. Pre-orders were filled. New orders came in. Many copies were sold at the Reformed Presbyterian International Conference at Indiana Wesleyan University in July.  Copies were sent to Crown and Covenant Publishers in Pittsburgh.  Get your copy today directly from the author (click here) or order...


Lost in the Woods published in 2016

At long last, in June 2016, Lost in the Woods was published. Chronologically, it is actually book #1 in the Windmill Pete Series. For those of you who have already read books 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8, Lost in the Woods introduces Chip Robbins, his best friend, Piggy, Chip’s parents and Piggy’s dog, Amnesia....


New Web Site Launched

On June 7, 2012 this web site went live!  Click around to learn more about the WMP book series and the author. And be sure to let us know what you think. We love feedback!


Meet Windmill Pete

The fourth published book in the Windmill Pete series introduces the main character of the series. Windmill Pete is the new kid in town. He is a country boy who does not get a ready welcome from the local bullies. Larger than life, Windmill proves to be quite the athlete. A hero in every way,...

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